Roof Cleaning

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The discoloration on your roof is nothing more than an organic growth from algae/mold. Instead of paying a fortune to get your roof replaced, spend 5% of the cost to have professional roof cleaning restore it back to new!

Our “softwash” system uses no more pressure than a garden hose to ensure your roof is never damaged. All roof cleaning comes with a 3+ year guarantee to be stain free

Roof Cleaning San Antonio:

brick house washing before and after

Asphalt Shingles

If you’ve ever touched a shingle, you’ll know how easy it is to scrape off the granules. Imagine how many would be removed if you took a pressure washer to them! Our roof cleaning system uses about the same pressure was a garden hose.

house washing on natural stone before and after


To many peoples surprise, tile roofs are often painted. Using pressure is a quick way to strip the color and etching all over the place. With our “softwashing” process, we gently restore your roof to its original color without harming a thing.

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Let us handle the logistics of cleaning your properties tough to reach roof. We’re able to either softwash, or use low pressure tips in our professional grade surface cleaners to deliver a high quality clean. Call us today to see how we can help!

  • Our Roof Cleaning technique comes from the exact way Roof Manufacturers Associations recommend.
  • Too many roofs are prematurely replaced when a professional roof cleaning would have been a siginificantly cheaper alternative.
  • Cleaning your roof reduces the electrical bill. Anyone who has stepped into a black car knows how well the color conducts heat. Restore your roof to its original color and watch your bill drop.

What makes our Roof Cleaning process different?

Quite a few things we do set us apart from your typical roof cleaning businesses. Click around to see why!
Low pressure Roof Cleaning:
Our custom built system uses no more pressure than a garden hose. Since we follow strict cleaning technqiues, there’s no chance of voiding any roof warranty when you call us.
Dialed in to perfection:
Most power washing companies use excessive pressure and remove the top layer of “cream” from the concrete. This shortens the surfaces life and leaves permanent markings all over the place. All of our equipment is guaranteed to never harm any surface.
Caution is key:
While our detergents are eco-friendly, we still make sure to saturate all landscaping with a constant flow of water to prevent any potential damage.
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