Pressure Washing Services

From driveways, pools decks, to natural stone, our power washing equipment can do it all. No matter if you’ve got a two car driveway, or a Texan sized entryway the size of a small football field, 210 Pressure Washing has you covered.
With rates as low as .10 cents/per square foot, there’s no need to stress about getting your property looking great again.

Our Pressure Washing works on all surfaces!

brick house washing before and after


Not all concrete is created equal. It’s surprisingly easy to damage, and you don’t want to find out the hard way. All of our equipment have countless hours on them proving that they’re adjusted perfectly to ensure your property is safe.

house washing on natural stone before and after

Natural Stone

Natural stone pressure washing has to be done properly, or you risk chipping the rock and ruining its beauty. Our power washing equipment is dialed in to perfection, meaning we NEVER use excessive pressure that could damage your property.

house washing fence before and after

Painted Concrete

The last thing you want is a high pressure wand taken to your delicate painted back patio. Talk about an easy to way risk chipping while delivering sub par results. Call 210 Pressure Washing to have it professional cleaned with the right equipment!

Our concrete cleaning process utilizes something called a “surface cleaner”, which is a tool that has a rotating bar with two nozzles at a set height to guarantee a uniform, consistent clean. Trying to use a pressure washing wand will not only take an eternity, it will leave uneven marks all over the place.

What makes our pressure washing different?

Quite a few things we do set us apart from your typical power washing company. Click around to see why!
Best equipment on the market:
You won’t see any Home Depot pressure washers thrown in the back of a truck bed here. Instead, you’ll find custom built pressure washing trailers with every last thing needed to get the exterior of your home/business looking flawless.
Dialed in to perfection:
Most power washing companies use excessive pressure and remove the top layer of “cream” from the concrete. This shortens the surfaces life and leaves permanent markings all over the place. All of our equipment is guaranteed to never harm any surface.
Post treatment on all jobs:
Your driveway isn’t discolored simply because of dirt. The real culprit is typically organic growth like mold, mildew, and algae. Most pressure washing services use water alone, but that’s only removing the top layer. In San Antonio’s humid climate, the growth will be back before you know it. Our eco-friendly detergents get deep into the pores which kill any root systems to ensure the clean lasts significantly longer.

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